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pakistani Sohan Halwa Recipe

Multani Sohan Halwa Recipe – Multani Sohan Halwa is mainstream customary sweet of Indo Pak subcontinent. Multani Sohan Halwa is set up by heating up a blend of sugar, milk, water, and corn flour until it ends up strong. Ghee is utilized to keep it from adhering to the container. Saffron is utilized for seasoning. Almonds, pistachios and cardamom seeds are added to give it an ideal conventional taste.


Multani Sohan Halwa is generally made as round circle. The famous Hafiz Halwa shop in Multan is known for making Sohan halwa that is sold the nation over. You can get to the divine Multani Sohan Halwa Recipe online from this page. Try not to pass up a major opportunity any fixing while at the same time setting it up, so ensure you note down every one of them. Set up this formula at home and do tell us how it really turned out! Sohan Halwa Recipe

Sohan halwa is a case of Mughlai cooking, and is well known in Delhi, Karachi and southern district of Pakistani Punjab including Multan and Dera Ghazi Khan. Here is an exceptionally simple formula of sohan halwa lets attempt it now and give your perspectives. About Sohan Halwa Recipe: Sohan Halwa is a conventional Indian sweet made with maida, milk and dry organic products. Generally it is made in roundabout rounds.

Elements Of Sohan Halwa

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1/2 kg sugar

1/2 kg cornflour or maida

1/4 kg almonds

100 gm pistachio

50 gm green cardamom

1/2 kg ghee

1 cup milk

2 liters water

1 tsp saffron

The most effective method to Make Sohan Halwa


1.Heat 1 liter water, include sugar and bubble for 5 minutes.

2.Add 1 cup milk and bubble for 5 minutes.

3.Strain it through a muslin sack or dainty material.

4.Add the rest of the water and sugar syrup.

5.Dissolve 1 tsp saffron in warm water and include.

6.Dissolve the cornflour in a little water. Add to the cornflour blend and cook over low fire.

7.When cornflour turns out to be thick, include 1 tbsp ghee.

8.Continue including ghee (1/2 kg) gradually during cooking to keep it from adhering to the container.

9.Stir it well. As ghee isolates from the blend, at that point it is prepared.


10.Add almonds, pistachio and green cardamoms in it.

11.Grease a container or plate with oil.

12.Spread halwa in it and press with a wooden spoon to straighten it.

13.Garnish it with almonds, pistachio and cardamoms.

14.As it chills off, cut it into pieces and serve.

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