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pakistani aloo keema

Here’s a formula for a legitimate, homestyle, much the same as your-grandmother’s (if your grandmother happens to be Pakistani) Aloo Keema. This is a conventional, one-pot formula that is straightforward, simple to make, and gives the most delightful outcomes!


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Aloo Keema is a well known Pakistani and North Indian dish comprising of curried, minced meat (keema) and potatoes (aloo). This great combo is profoundly delightful, consoling, and one of my undisputed top choices! All things considered, you can without much of a stretch swap the potatoes for peas or ringer peppers. So also, don’t hesitate to avoid the hamburger and utilize some other ground meat.

It’s required some investment to share this formula. On the off chance that you’ve been following Tea For Turmeric, you realize I generally test, analyze, and improve every formula a few times before I proclaim it “adequate” to go on this here blog. We’re talking hard labor you all (this is a nation style formula, go with it folks).

Furthermore, when it’s such an extraordinary, near and dear, memory-bringing out dish like Aloo Keema, the weight is on! (Discussing pressure, I certainly plan to share an Instant Pot form as well.) I tried, culminated, and ate far too much of red meat this week to present to you this solid, delightful, yet straightforward formula of Aloo Keema.


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This is a generous and versatile formula, and the strategy to make it is very clear.

To start with, you sauté the onions alongside the entire flavors until brilliant. At that point you include the garlic, ginger, and hamburger and keep on sauté with the goal that the meat changes shading and the dampness starts to vanish.

Presently comes the best part – you just include the remainder of the fixings, sauté for a couple of moments, spread, and let it cook until the potatoes are overly delicate.


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The littler you cook the potatoes, the quicker they’ll cook. Obviously, there’s no science to how enormous the 3D shapes ought to be, however I for the most part prefer to cut them into 1/2″ 3D shapes.

I’ve included 2 tablespoons of water before covering and permitting to cook, yet don’t hesitate to include more in case you’re apprehensive it’ll adhere to the base. I grew up eating a dry adaptation, however you can generally expand the ‘curry’ by including more water.

The fixing rundown may appear to be long, however most of it is flavors. Since this dish is about solace, you’ll notice I’m liberal with the flavors, salt, and oil. Don’t hesitate to alter these to taste.


Entire flavors are intended to be disposed of previously/during eating. In the event that you would prefer not to chomp into any entire flavors, you can generally utilize a cheesecloth to contain the flavors or discard as wanted.

Ground meat remains are the best. Serve them in a sandwich, a burger bun for a South Asian style messy joe, or even blended in marinara sauce (I’d expel the potatoes for this) for a brisk, delightful pasta!

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