NROSH - National Register of Social Housing
What is NROSH?


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What is NROSH?

The National Register of Social Housing (NROSH) is a system for collecting social housing data on individual properties directly from local authorities (LAs) and housing associations (HAs).

The data standards, latest field definitions and XML schema can be found by visiting the ODPM website. Although the ODPM web site is comprehensive, it can be overly technical, hence this site aims to discuss NROSH in plain English and provide and independent review of the software toolkits and housing management systems catering for the NROSH initiative.

Who does NROSH Affect?

The NROSH standard affects providers of subsidised affordable housing including housing associations (HAs) local authorities LAs and arms length management organisations (ALMOs).

What are the Benefits?

NROSH provides an opportunity to reduce the burden of data collection and reporting required of housing associations, local authorities and other data providers.

    • For housing associations, NROSH simplifies the Regulatory and Statistical Return (RSR) data gathering by taking property data directly from NROSH. Completing the RSR can now be simple data transfer process aided by software toolkits.
    • For local authorities, NROSH will help to provide the data required by the Valuation Office Agency for the statutory re-valuation of domestic housing.

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